How to open the SVG file in the design space of the cutting machine (Cricut, Brother ScanNCut)


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All SVG files can be opened with paper cutting machines, for example: Cricut, Silhouette, Brother ScanNCut, etc.
This article shows how to open an SVG file in Cricut Design Space and Brother CanvasWorkspace.
As for Silhouette, users need to purchase paid software to be able to open SVG files. Therefore, we cannot guide. But you can rest assured because a lot of our customers use Silhouette and give good feedback.

Some general notes

After extracting the file, you will get files with SVG, PNG and PDF formats:

  • SVG files: used for cutting machines (Cricut, Silhouette, laser etc.).
  • PNG, PDF files: Print to paper and cut by hand.
  1. Please open SVG files one by one, do not open multiple files at the same time, they will be corrupted.
  2. If a text warning appears, ignore it and continue uploading the file. This text is the order of the layers, they are not vectors so will probably not be displayed when you open the SVG files.
  3. See ordinal numbers of layers in PNG (or PDF) files for assembling layers.

All layers are numbered, from 1, 2, 3 to ending. That is the order of layers. (Page 1 is the first and front page of the light box)
You can see these numbers in PNG and PDF files.


Cricut Design Space

– Step 1: Open SVG file.
Click the “Upload” icon to open the file.

– Step 2: click “Continue”.
This warning appears because the SVG file contains a text character (this is a page number). You just need to ignore it and continue.

– Step 3: click “Upload”.

– Step 4: Click an image just uploaded.

– Step 5: Click “Insert”.

You can change the different display colors.

Instruction video:


Brother CanvasWorkspace

With Brother ScanNCut, users can use the online version or download the software to use.
But because our SVG file contains text characters (which is the page number), the online version may not support opening the file will cause an error.
So, you need to download Brother CanvasWorkspace software to open SVG files.
Download the software here: https://canvasworkspace.brother.com
(If you are logged in to your account, please log out to see the software download button)

After installing the software, please login to use it.

– Step 1: click “SVG” icon to open SVG file.

– Step 2: Open SVG file.

– Step 3: click “OK”.
The warning appears because SVG files contain text characters (which are page numbers). Click “OK” to ignore it.

SVG files are displayed as shown below.

Instruction video:

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