Paper – Box frame and Light base for Paper cut light box

Paper Box Frame Light Base

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Wood is the ideal material for box frames and light bases.
But many people have difficulty finding a box frame or light base of the right size, or can find it but it is expensive and transport time is long.
This article introduces How to make box frame and light base with PAPER.
(Note: best suited for products designed by Tdesign)

– A4 size paperboard (11.7×8.3 inches) or 12×12 inches cardstock.
– The thicker the paper, the stronger the box frame.
– Glue or double-sided tape

Instructions on how to:
– Solid lines: cut.
– Dashed lines: fold.
After finishing, just put the led light inside the box.

Box frame for 1-sided light box


The file is sold here:

After payment, you will receive:
– Zip-file: includes SVG, PNG, PDF files.
– Instruction PDF file.
Available in full 2 sizes 25×18 cm and 20×20 cm suitable for Tdesign light box templates.

Watch the video tutorial here:


Light base for 5-sided light box

Zip-file and instructions are included free of charge on the 5-sided light box templates. You will get it by purchasing any of the 5-sided templates from Tdesign.

Each file also includes a full range of SVG, PNG, and PDF formats.
You can use a cutting machine or print to paper and cut by hand.


You just need to put the led light inside this box and then put the picture box on top.


Light base for pop-up

Same as above, the light base file and instructions are included free of charge in pop-up templates.

Each file also includes a full range of SVG, PNG, and PDF formats for you to cut by machine or by hand.


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