How to install Led strip lights

How To Install Led Strip

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You can see the picture of led strip here.
It includes:
– A strip of lights (with adhesive available, you just need to peel it off).
– An adapter.
– A switch (or remote).
– Connectors.


How to install led strip lights


Types of led strip lights

There are 2 types of light capacity:
5V: weaker, can use batteries.
12V: stronger, brighter, so you should use an adapter to plug directly into 220V power. (like video)

There are 2 types of colors:
Multi-color led, can change color.
Led monochrome, only one color. (yellow, blue, green, red, etc.)


The led strip lights have so many accessories, how do you buy them fully?

I recommend searching for “led strip 5V” or “led strip 12V“.
After finding the right store, you can chat with the seller to request an additional adapter and switch (or remote control), because these may not come with led strip lights. You should ask the seller to be sure.


In addition, you should purchase additional connectors.

It makes it possible to stick the strips of lights zigzag instead of just in the same line. (Of course, if you find it difficult to find the connectors, you can ignore it)

You can see the different types of connectors in this video:

What are the connectors used for?

  • Connect strips of lights, especially useful in combining different color lights.
  • Helping you to stick the led lights more convenient, instead of just on a straight line, you can stick in a folded, zigzag line.

Connector types

1 – Connect 2 strips of lights on a straight line
2 – Connect 2 strips of lights in L shape.
3 – Connect 3 strips of lights.
4 – Connect 4 strips of lights.


If you want to extend the distance between the strip lights, you can use the long-corded connector. (as shown in the photo below)

Note: led strip lights and connectors have 2 types:
– 2 pins
– 4 pins
When purchasing, choose led strip lights and connectors of the same type.

2 pins
4 pins

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